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Face Skin Care for Those Who Workout

Updated: May 16, 2020

Welcome to the second post of our very own Caring Skin Series! Today we will be sharing some Workout Skincare tips.

With the current circuit breaker measures keeping everyone at home, there is an increasing amount of people trying new home workout routines. However, many people including myself, have been neglecting an important skin care routine even when we exercise from home.

Here are some tips and tricks to help protect your skin when you exercise at home:

women in gym attire resting

Pre - Workout Routine

Skip the Make Up

Skip the make up, skip ropes instead (laugh at our cold joke attempt please).

During this period of circuit breaker, some people would jump straight into their exercise with their make-up on after their Zoom meeting with important clients or bosses. This is huge skin-care no-no, as your body will heat up during a workout, resulting your pores to open and provide an opportunity for any make-up and/or dirt to settle back into the pores.

If possible, try to exercise with a bare face to allow your skin to be able breathe. However, if you are pressed for time to remove your make-up or are not comfortable going to a work out bare face, you can try to look for non-comedogenic (the fancy term of 'not likely to cause comedones aka - pore blockages) products - says Dr. Manish Shah, a plastic surgeon based in Denver.

If you are going out for a job around your estate, apply a light moisturizer or SPF to protect your skin from the sun and harmful UV rays.


During Workout

Do Not Touch Your Face

As beads of perspiration rain down your forehead, remember to avoid touching your face at all cost. Also, rather than using your shirt or dirty hands to wipe your perspiration off you face, have a clean hand towel ready to blot your sweat during workouts.

Please remember that your hands are contaminated with germs and sweat from touching the floor and/or apparatus involved and you would not want to have them in contact with your face. Fight the urge!

Hair Off Your Face, Please

For males and females with longer hair, especially so now when all the barbers are closed, please remember to keep your hair away from your face during a workout.

One way to do so is to consider using a sweatband or a headband to keep your hair away from your face, but some of these products may trap perspiration which may be an acne-inciting recipe for your forehead.

Keeping your hair away from your face will hep to prevent oil and any of the hair care products you have used from clogging your pores, which may cause breakouts.



Hit the Shower, Wash Your Face

Cleanse your face and body and out of those sweaty clothes once you are done with your work out. It is imperative to clean your skin gently following a workout to remove any residues of bacteria and sweat which accumulated throughout the workout.

Save Serious Treatment Products for Bedtime

Even normal skin can be more sensitive right after a workout, so you may want to wait until redness dissipates or bedtime to use your super-active acne or anti-aging treatment products.


Hope you enjoyed this short read and key summary: GO BARE, DON'T TOUCH, WASH UP

Stay safe and stay beautiful y’all!


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