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Product Review - Huenass Multi - Effect Mist Spray

Hey there folks, welcome to another of our product review and today, we will be covering a product of Singapore - Huenass' Multi-Effect Anti-aging 6 in 1 Mist spray (wow, what a mouthful). We shall call it the Mist Spray going forward.

Key Features:

This Mist Spray is designed to revolutionise your skincare routine and can replace your day cream, night cream, toner, eye cream, neck cream and moisturizer. Packed with 4 exclusive patents, the product will help to diminish fine lines, brighten dull skin, refine pores and maintain moisture and oil balance.

Just spray it once a day and night after cleansing your face and you can experience the wonders of this product.

Learn more about the product & the 4 patents here.


The Product Hype

There is quite a bit of hype for this product with many testimonials of satisfied customers showing off their pre and post-use images online. Most images* that we came across showed visible changes in the skin complexion after the immediate use/ or use of the product over time, including:

  • Refinement/smaller pores

  • Brightening of the skin

  • Reduction of fine lines

  • Some evidences of uplifting around the cheek areas

We know that many factors come into play when using pre and post-use photographs and often their credibility will be questioned, so we decided to test out the Mist Spray for ourselves.


Our Verdict

Our Founder tested the Mist Spray on her face and used the dorsal side of the hand as a control experiment (right with the spray, left without). After regularly usage in the morning and night after cleansing for over 5 days, there were some visible improvements to the skin, mainly, brightening, improvement of moisture retention and some level of uplifting.

For the control experiment - the right dorsal side of the hand appears to be brighter and less wrinkled.

To sum it up:


(+) Method of application is simple and convenient

(+) Non-greasy/oily, compared to a cream-based moisturizer

(+) Visible refinement of pores after 3 to 5 days of use

(+) Some level of skin tightening after 3 to 5 days of use


(-) A bit pricey for the younger population

(-) Need to use for longer period of time for visible improvements & reduction of fine lines

Overall Score:

4/5. Simple & convenient to use, but would require long consistent use for drastic improvements.

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*Please note that we are unable to share the images publicly due to our privacy policy. If you are interested to view them, please contact the DermaCurate representatives.


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