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4 Skincare tips for those with an active lifestyle in Singapore

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

If you’re an athlete or someone with an active lifestyle, your skin may take a lot of abuse from the outdoor elements including the sun. It’s common to experience dry, rough skin, or sunburns, especially during intense training sessions.

The good news is that there are a number of skincare tips for athletes and those with an active lifestyle in Singapore that can help keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind:

have a basic skincare routine

When we crafted the basic skincare regimen, we highlighted it is important to tend to your skin when you wake up and just before going to bed. These are the two times of the day when you should protect and supplement your skin's efforts to activate its daytime defenses or its overnight restoration.

If you do not already have a skincare routine, we highly recommend you to kickstart it, minimally with a cleanser and a toner. You could check out our Bio Bundle, designed to help remove sebum/dirt, yet preserve your skin's moisture.

Dermacurate Bio Cleanser and Bio Toner
Use quote "ACTIVE15" for 15% off the bundle in June 2022

But what about all those hours in between, especially when your active lifestyle puts extra pressure on your skin throughout the day? Like everyone else, you still need to cleanse your skin twice a day—morning and night. As an athlete or a person living an active lifestyle, you are bound to get sweaty and grimy after squeezing in a quick workout midday. Chances are you would have to cleanse your face again in the shower to remove the dirt.

What is however imperative is that the cleanser you are using does not overly dry out the skin but still provides an adequate level of cleansing while maintaining moisture levels in the skin. The Dermacurate Bio Cleanser is designed just for this purpose to cleanse the dirt and sebum from your skin, while key ingredients including the Japanese green tea, aloe vera extract, and glycerine, preserve the skin's natural moisture.

If you require another boost of hydration, the Bio Toner can help by delivering a boost of antioxidants to fight free radicals, vitamins, or hydrating elements. The toner can also help to balance the skin’s pH after the use of hard water/harsh soaps during your shower.

"As an active person who does basketball and a lot of cycling, my skin is exposed to elements including the sun and sweat. The cleanser and toner have been crucial in keeping my skin moistured and clean" - Benedict Tan

protect your skin from the sun

Unlike humans, UV rays in Singapore don’t take cheat days and are brutal all year long. Any time you spend outdoors, even in the early morning sun, makes you susceptible to their skin-aging effects. It is essential to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays whenever you are outdoors, especially when you are going to spend a long time under the sun.

If you’re exercising outdoors in Singapore's hot and humid climate, it would be best if you could pick a lightweight SPF moisturizer, with SPF 30 or higher, for a balance of comfort and protection.

Apply the sunscreen prior to any outdoor exercise, or before any outdoor errands and activities. A fresh layer of sunscreen could provide a maximum SPF defense for two hours before you would have to touch up with an additional layer.

Your equipment also plays an important role in protecting you against the UV rays. Whenever possible, cover up your exposed skin areas with a hat, sunglasses, long-sleeves and leg coverings. They may not always be the most fashionable, but your future skin health will thank you for it. You could check out affordable sporting outfits from our favourite - Decathlon.

hydrate internally and externally

Perspiration is a natural process for your body to regulate its internal temperature so that you could continue performing your sporting activities. Failing to replace the loss of fluids during your sporting activities would stress your skin and body. When working out, please ensure adequate hydration by drinking plenty of fluids before, during, and after exercise.

Once you've enjoyed your cycle, run, workout, gym session or frisbee match, do spend some time caring for your skin. Take a light shower and quickly rinse off that sweat, grime and old sunscreen with a gentle skin wash like the Dermacurate Bio Cleanser. Pat your skin dry then spray a few veils of mist of the Bio Toner to lock in the moisture within your skin.

Apart from using skincare products, you could consider hydrating your skin with our curated Dermacurate skincare treatments. Our Hydration Collagen Facial, is a one-hour treatment specially designed for those with an active lifestyle, to cleanse, rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin. This includes the use of a finishing hydration mask, leaving a moisturizing touch and your skin clear and radiant.

allocate time for recovery

The recovery process is one of the most important parts of your skin's routine. When you rest, your skin naturally does all of its own recoveries. As an active person, a lot of stress is placed on your skin through perspiration, exposure to the outdoor elements, and more.

Having a good night’s sleep and a bedtime skincare regimen, is crucial to keeping your skin as healthy as possible. To bolster your bedtime skincare regimen, you could also consider recovery-focused products, for example, a face mask, or our Dermacurate EGF Serum to help with skin renewal, smoothing of skin & reduction of fine lines and prevent recurrence of pigmentation.

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