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The BEST way to wash your face

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Learn how to use proper facial techniques to cleanse your face from our Founder, Eva Ng, a 20+ year beauty industry veteran in the video below.

TL:DR - Steps to follow

Step 1:

Remove any makeup before cleansing your face.

Step 2:

Start cleansing using the golden ratio of cleanser to water; 20 cents coin : 10 cent coin. Start from your chin and move in an outwards circular movement until whole face is covered.

Product used: Dermacurate Bio Cleanser - packed with key ingredients like japanese green tea, aloe vera extract and glycerine help to replenish moisture and supplement your natural moisture barrier.

Step 3:

Cleanse with water and voila!

Step 4:

Dry face using clean hand towel or normal face towel. Dab gently and do not rub.

Hope you guys learn something valuable from this short clip! Learn more about our Bio Cleanser used in this video by clicking here.

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